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06 Travelling to the Oki Islands with Your Vehicle

Are you looking into visiting the Oki Islands with your vehicle? Here is the ultimate guide for travellers who are planning to visit the islands with their cars or motorcycles.


  1. Reservation and procedures at the port
  2. Boarding
  3. Crossing and disembarking

Reservation and procedures at the port

1. Make a reservation

For those planning to take their car, motorcycle or bicycle across the Oki Strait, the three large ferries are the ones you can take. Prior reservation is a must if you plan to put your vehicle on the ferry as other vehicles, such as construction vehicles and trucks carrying goods to the islands, also travel on these ferries. With the limited space inside the ferry for vehicles, taking a car with you to the islands is not a walk-in/drive-in experience.

To make a booking, please call the Oki Kisen Ferry Line (08512-2-1122) or send us an inquiry form. Once your reservation is confirmed, please fill in the vehicle boarding formThis will open in a new tab. and have a printed version of the form ready with you. You can also fill in the form at the ferry terminal after you’ve arrived (but make sure you have enough time to complete all the necessary procedures).

2. Go to the port

Drivers and their vehicles are required to arrive at the port 1 hour before the scheduled departure time, so please plan your trip accordingly. After arriving at the ferry terminal, proceed to the ticket office and purchase your ticket.

3. Purchase your tickets

3. Purchase your tickets 

The driver does not need to fill in a separate passenger boarding form as the vehicle boarding form serves the purpose. However, if you are travelling in groups of two or more, other passengers must fill in a passenger boarding form. Please present the boarding form(s) and the vehicle paperwork (shaken-sho) to the staff at the ticket office. You can pay for your ticket with a credit card or cash. After settling the payment, you will receive the passenger ticket(s) and a number card for your vehicle.

Pro tip: look for the signs that say “自動車乗船券” or “自動車” on the ticket windows and line up in front of those, as they are the special ones that issue tickets for the drivers and their vehicles.


4. Park at the designated area

4. Park at the designated area

After purchasing the tickets, the driver must then return to the vehicle and display the number card for the vehicle on the windscreen, park at the designated waiting area (look for a signboard that says “車両航送駐車場”) and wait until it is time to board. Only the driver can take the vehicle onto the ferry, so other passengers should proceed to the boarding gate and wait for their turn.

5. Time to board

Once it is time to board, the crew will give out instructions to the drivers; just sit back, relax and wait for your turn! Please proceed to board after you are called, and park at the designated spot inside the ferry. Don’t forget to use the parking brake! Then, follow the sign that says “客室入口” (which means “entrance to passenger deck”) and go up to the passengers’ deck using the stairs. A crew will be there at the door to check your ticket.

Pro tip: You can leave your luggage inside your car or on your motorcycle, but for safety reasons, drivers and passengers are not allowed onto the vehicle deck during the crossing. So, make sure you have all you need before heading up to the passengers’ deck!

For foot passengers: Please queue up at the boarding gate on the second floor of the terminal. The boarding time is normally 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. The ferry crew will check your ticket when you board the ferry. Your ticket will be collected when you disembark from the vessel; keep it safe in your pocket and don’t lose it!

Crossing and disembarking

6. Enjoy your crossing

7. Enjoy your crossing

For the Standard 2nd class room, Special 2nd class room and 1st class room, you will be sharing the carpeted area with other passengers. Just take off your shoes, lie down and relax! There are some pillows and blankets for you to use inside the ferry. You do not have to pay to use the pillows, but there is a fee for the blankets. The blankets are JPY 30 each and you can pay directly to the crew or insert the coins into the designated box. Please return the pillows and blankets after use.

There are some chairs or sofas on the second floor of the passenger deck (Standard 2nd class room). You can also go on to the deck outside where you can find some benches on the second floor of the passenger deck, towards the rear of the ferry. However, in case of bad weather,  it is better to stay inside the passengers’ rooms.

7. Prepare to disembark

Foot passengers and the driver can disembark the ferry together on the vehicle. Announcements will be made when the ferry is approaching the ports. After the announcement is made, please proceed to the door which will lead you to the vehicle deck (sharyō-kōban). A crew will be there to collect your tickets.

Once you are at the vehicle deck, return to your vehicle immediately and prepare for disembarkation.
Please don’t start the vehicle until it is your turn to get off the ferry as sometimes it may take a while for the ferry to dock and it is not very nice to fill an enclosed area with vehicle emissions.

8. Disembark and start your island journey!

Once the ferry is docked, disembarkation will commence. The crew will give out instructions and will call you for your turn. Start your vehicle after you’re called and voila! Welcome to the Oki Islands!

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