Oki-Toku Special Ticket Campaign

Oki-Toku Special Ticket Campaign

A real deal!!! Travel to the Oki Islands! A chance for free return tickets? What exactly is an Oki-Toku Special Ticket?

You may think that travelling to a remote island would be very expensive and worry about all the costs of ferries or airplane tickets, ect. Well, fear not! We are now having a campaign called “Oki-Toku Special Tickets” in which you will be able to get the return ticket for free! In this article we will introduce how to use “Oki-Toku Special Tickets” and utilise it to visit all four islands of Oki!

What is an “Oki-Toku Special Ticket?”
A great deal for people who want to travel by ferry and fast ferry.

Stay at local accommodation and experience activities* from participating providers in the Oki Islands, and you can get your return ferry 2nd class ticket (normally costs JPY 3,510) free of charge. If you arrive on the Rainbow Jet, your return Rainbow Jet will be free. If you arrive on the normal ferry, you’ll still get a discount for the return trip on Rainbow Jet—just pay the island resident discounted price of JPY 1,440 (normal cost JPY 6,680).

*Fees for accommodation and activities are at a separate cost.

Two types of ships

● Ferry: You can enjoy the sea breeze and the scenery from the deck of the ship, or lie down on the carpeted floor area of the ferry (pillows are free of charge and rental blankets are available for JPY 30). Travel time: approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.
● Fast Ferry Rainbow Jet: The ship has two floors with comfortable seatings. Travel time: approximately 70 min - 2hr, depending on the destination and the route.

Two types of ships

The ferry and fast ferry departs from Shichirui Port in Matsue and Sakaiminato Port in Sakaiminato City. Please check the timetables to decide which ferry to take that is most suitable for your itinerary. Take a look at our articls section to see how to board the ferry and the fast ferry Rainbow Jet before your departure. 

How To Reserve and Use

1. Reserve your ticket online ahead of time. Click here to go the the official English website of the campaign.

2. Fill in the passenger boarding form located inside the port (Shichirui or Sakaiminato). When you hand it to the staff at the Oki Kisen ticket window, tell them you have an “Oki-Toku Special Ticket” reservation.

3. Receive the required stamps on your Oki-Toku Special Ticket during your visit to the islands. The activity providers and employees of the accommodation you choose will stamp it for you, so make sure to ask them.
4. On your return trip, show your stamped Oki-Toku Special Ticket to the staff at the Oki Kisen ticket window inside the port. They will check your stamps and exchange it for a return ferry or fast ferry ticket.

Now we will introduce you to how to visit the 4 islands of Oki for 2 nights and 3 days, using the Oki-Toku Special Ticket!

How to prepare

1. Reservation is required at least three days before your visit (not including the day of arrival).
2. It is best to make a reservation for the hotels before coming to the islands as there might be no available room once you arrive.
3. Most activities also require an advance reservation, we suggest making those reservations to ensure you will get all the necessary stamps.

Not sure how to travel around the Oki Islands and what are the must-see places? Looking for inspiration but don’t know where to start? We have lined up a few sample itineraries to help you plan your ideal trip! See our recommended sample itineraries!

Text by Nicharee Plubsiri (Yaleen)

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