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Are you planning to visit the Oki Islands?

  • Area

    • Okinoshima Town
    • Nishinoshima Town
    • Ama Town
    • Chibu Village
  • Seasons

    • Spring
    • Summer
    • Autumn
    • Winter

We have a special gift for you!

Drop by the tourism information centers on the islands and complete our survey. After completing the survey, show the completed survey screen to one of our staff and receive a package of seaweed salt!
The survey results are used to improve the services provided to our international visitors. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and advice.

What is Oki Islands’ seaweed salt or “moshio”?

This locally crafted seaweed salt is made with arame seaweed which gives its unique brown color. It takes about a week to boil one ton of seawater down to just 20kg! Making it rich in both minerals and taste. Not to mention that the packaging is very “Oki” like! Symbolising the animal, flowers, or famous spots like the Candle Island.

Don’t forget to drop by the tourism information centers on any of the islands to receive this special Oki Islands’ gift from us!