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An Easy Route for E-bike Beginners—Shimazushima Island (Chibu Village)

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An Easy Route for E-bike Beginners—Shimazushima Island (Chibu Village)

Chiburijima Island might be known for the stunning vistas from Mt. Akahage and Sekiheki (Red Cliff), but there are many more charming corners of the island worth exploring. One of them is hidden in the western part of the island.

Shimazushima Island, a small island connected to Chiburijima by a bridge, is easily accessible by electric-assisted mountain bicycle (e-bike). Seen from afar, the peaceful scenery brings to mind the region of the numerous islets of Seto Inland Sea.

On a fine day, you can see Shimane Peninsula and maybe even Mt. Daisen in the background on the horizon. You might be surprised at how close the main island of Japan seems from here.

Park your bicycle at the parking area near O-matsu-bashi Bridge and cross the bridge to take a leisure stroll along the transparent-blue sea and rock cliffs with artistic patterns. At the end of the trail, you will see a small bay with a sandy beach and a local shrine. How about relaxing to the sound of the waves before continuing on your journey?


Aside from relaxing, Shimazushima Island also hides a treat for science and fossil lovers. The rock outcrop in the bay features trace fossils, fossils of burrows made by sea animals that lived here in the sand at the bottom of the sea. Read the nearby information signboard to find out more details about this site!

Kurii Port Ferry Terminal -> Kawai Guardian Deity Water Spring -> Ikkū Shrine -> Shimazushima Island Walking Trail -> Watatsu Beach


20 min one way (Kurii Port Ferry Terminal -> walking trail entrance)


There are no vending machines or shops near Shimazushima Island, so make sure to bring drinks and snacks with you.

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