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Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

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    • Ama Town
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    • Spring
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A complete itinerary - One-day trip by bus! (April to August)

Do you want to feel the calmness of the island, and see its beautiful nature up close? This one day bus trip will lead you to find many unforeseen beauty of the island. Do you also love to walk? Then this itinerary is for you!

Travelling on a UNESCO Global Geopark island might not be so simple if you do not have a driving licence. But fear not! There are still many places and activities you can do in one day without having to drive, rent a bike, call a taxi, or join any tour. Just chill on the bus and enjoy the detours, explore the whole island in detail while you travel from and to must-visit places.

Ama Town's Bus Stop
See the "Ama Town, Public Bus" section in "Getting Around the Oki Islands" for the bus timetable.

1 day trip
Means of transportation
  • Walking
  • Bus


  1. Oki Shrine
  2. Tsunakake
  3. Ama Town Mingu-kan (Folk Museum)
  4. Emperor Gotoba Museum
  5. Mt. Kinkō-ji Lookout Point
  6. Akiya Coast
  7. Local Wagyu Beef Restaurant: Oki-gyū-ten
  8. Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW
  9. Rainbow beach
  10. Restaurant Sentoraru-tei

Oki Shrine

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

Take the 8:10 bus from Ferry Terminal, Oki Kisen Noriba (隠岐汽船乗場) to Oki Shrine, Oki Jinja (隠岐神社). Arrival time 8:24.

Bus fare : 200 yen

Start your day off with positive energy at the Oki Shrine, where you can pray to the deity worshipped there and ask for their blessings. The shrine was built in 1939, with an Oki-zukuri architectural style that is unique to the islands and is worth a visit. On the 14th of April, every year, the Spring Festival is held in the remembrance of Emperor Gotoba who was exiled to the Oki Islands back in 1221. There are performances and dances to a poem written by Emperor Gotoba that are exclusive to Ama Town only. Other than that, if you are lucky, the light-pink rows of cherry blossom trees will make your visit feel even more special! The cherry blossoms are usually in full bloom between early-mid April in the Oki islands.

15 minute by bus


Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

Business Hour : 9:00 - 17:30

Stop by the local bread shop across the shrine Taste the authentic bakery of Ama Town and buy souvenirs or postcards for collecting or sending to your loved ones. We suggest grabbing something from here to have at the coast or the lookout later on, too!

2 minute by walking

Ama Town Mingu-kan (Folk Museum)

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

Business Hour : 9:00 - 17:30

Entrance fee : Free

Treasure hunting time! Behind the local bread shop, there is a little, hidden-gem-like museum displaying the history of how people used to live here on the island in the past. Visiting the museum packed with so many things from the past will make you feel serene and nostalgic in a way.

1 minute by walking

Emperor Gotoba Museum

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

Closed on Sunday, business hours 9:00 - 17:30

A small museum dedicated to Emperor Go-Toba, with a display of Japanese swords, including one aged more than 600 years old. As the museum underwent a renovation recently, the panels are now available in both English and Japanese. You can also ask the staff about the history of the area while you are there.

Other nearby attractions : Residence Site of Emperor Go-Toba. Burial Site of Emperor Go-Toba.

12 minute by bus

Mt. Kinkō-ji Lookout Point

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

Bus: 10:09 from Oki Jinja (隠岐神社) to Kinkō-ji Iri-guchi (金光寺入り口). Arrive at 10:21 am then 20 minutes on foot.

Bus fare: 200 yen.

Enjoy a long (around 20 min) walk uphill to observe the lookout and get a nice glance of the scenic view while feeling the breeze from above.

30 minute by walking

Akiya Coast

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

This is definitely a must-visit place. Reddish-brown volcanic cliffs that formed by volcanic eruptions and subsequent erosion, and the Heart Rock that is famous for its heart-shaped hole, in contrast with the emerald-green ocean will take your breath away. Take a walk along the coast as this place is believed to bring good luck for those that visit. It is also open for swimming during summer and it is the only campground available in Ama Town.

30 minute by bus

Local Wagyu Beef Restaurant: Oki-gyū-ten

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

Bus: Depart from Akiya (明屋) at 12:01, arrive back at Ferry Terminal, Oki Kisen Noriba (隠岐汽船乗場) at 12:30.

Bus fare: 200 yen

Only one minute walk from the port, this is a must-go-to restaurant for beef lovers to try out Oki beef. The tender meat with just the right amount of fat melts in your mouth gives a different taste from factory farmed cattle. The restaurant is open from 10:00 - 20:00 and closes every Wednesday. Making reservations before visiting is highly recommended since there are menus that are served in limited quantities, such as Maboroshi no zeitaku donburi (幻の贅沢丼) (premium selected donburi) the restaurant only serves 10 dishes per day and only during summer.

Menu (available in Japanese only)

2 minute by walking

Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

Boat schedule: 13:20 - 14:20

Boat fare: ¥2,000 for adults and ¥1,000 for children

The first-ever semi-submerged tour boat in the sea of Japan. Enjoy the trip to see the famous Sabur?-iwa Rocks. The three rocks standing tall, next to each other, in perfect height order, were once one huge rock but had split into three spire rocks due to wind and wave erosion. Explore the perfect ecosystem of the underwater world of Oki Islands! The Beppu Bay of Nishinoshima Island and Hishiura Bay of Nakanoshima Island are designated as Natural Monuments; they were the first place where Kuroki-zuta, a type of seaweed, was found in Japan. It’s a short 50 minutes tour that you just cannot miss!

2 minute by walking

Rainbow beach

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

The beach is located right next to Ama Town’s hotel, Entô, and is loved by the locals. Immerse yourself in the scenery while you take a walk along the crystal clear water and white sand. It is also a swimming beach during summer.

5 minute by walking

Restaurant Sentoraru-tei

Get Around Ama Town by Bus in One Day

Open from 11:00 to 16:00, and closes every Tuesday.

"Sentoraru-tei has one of the nicest views,sitting at the second floor of the ferry terminal (Kinnyamonya Centre). It is a perfect place for you to visit and we recommend you try the Saburō Ice Cream, to refresh yourself before waving goodbye to the island.

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