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Original noodles made with locally-produced seaweed salt!

This udon noodle restaurant is located right next to the ferry terminal! Look for a blue signboard on the other side of the road across from the port.
We recommend eating here at least once during your stay in the Oki Islands!
All meals use locally produced moshio salt made from sea water and seaweed. The rice served here is also a local brand, called "Oki Moshio-mai." Enjoy the local flavours at this cozy restaurant. There is also a seasonal special menu.

Menu includes a variety of udon noodles made with moshio salt (seaweed salt) and broth made with mackerel, rice with Japanese-style curry sauce made with mackerel broth, salted onigri rice balls, and bakudan onigri rice balls.

*Moshio salt is made with seaweed which gives its unique brown color. It is rich in minerals and holds the umami flavor of the seaweed. One ton of seawater boils down to just 20kg of this special salt in a process that takes about a week.

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Business hours
Irregular holidays
1 min on foot from Saigō Port Ferry Terminal
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