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    Original noodles made with locally-produced seaweed salt!
    Their original moshio salt* udon noodles are a must-try! Soba noodles and rice, from a local brand called "Oki Moshio-mai", are also served here.

    MS Home has relocated to their new location in Oct 2023, but the blue facade of the restaurant is easily recognisable!
    Make sure to drop by and enjoy local flavours at this cozy restaurant!

    *Moshio salt is made with seaweed which gives its unique brown color. It is rich in minerals and holds the umami flavor of seaweed. One tonne of seawater boils down to just 20kg of this special salt, and the process takes about a week.

    Click on the Eat Shimane link to access a multilingual menu.

    Basic information

    354-1 Shimonishi, Okinoshima-cho, Oki-gun, Shimane 685-0017
    From Saigō Port:
    5 min by car
    Business hours
    Saturday, Sunday
    Prices & Menu
    Moshio Salt Udon with Mackerel Fish Broth (Okinoshima-style): from JPY 850
    Onigiti Rice Balls: JPY 220


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