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06 Explore With a Guide

Looking for the best way to enjoy the rich nature and traditional culture of the islands?
Make the most out of your trip with a certified geopark guide or other local guides!


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There are many breathtaking sights and dazzling landscapes here in Oki, and even though the islands are closely located, over time, each of the islands have developed their own distinctive culture; similar yet different. The Oki Islands have many unforgettable sights, and even though they are so close to each other, a distinctive culture has developed on each island. With the unique ecosystem, a good number of scenic spots and more than 100 shrines, it might be hard to know where to go, what to see, and how to deepen your understanding about the islands.

How about leaving that to the professionals? Hire a tour guide and let them help you organise your trip here on the islands, with activities tailored to your interest.
To make a booking or an inquiry, please click the “Booking Form” button. There are two guiding companies and a few individual guides.

Guide Companies

The guides are certified geopark guides of the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark with a wealth of knowledge. To see details about the outdoor tours they provide, please follow the links below.

There are two guide companies on the Oki Islands with English-speaking guides. Both companies provide a variety of outdoor tours, such as marine sports and hiking, and can also offer a tailor-made tour to fit your interest and needs.
*Pricing of tailor-made tours is decided upon consultation by email.

NPO Oki Shizen Mura

NPO Oki Shizen MuraExpertise: Oki Shizen Mura has highly skilled guides, very well-versed in all things nature. Other than eco-tour guiding, the organisation implements projects for nature protection and sustainable regional development and hopes to contribute to the overall development of the Oki Islands.

NPO Oki Shizen MuraClick here to read an article about one of their guides, Taka!


Tour Types: hiking, walking,  e-bike, eco tours, culture and history.
Popular Routes: Ama Town Walking Tour, Ama Town Geotour

Website (Japanese): http://www.sizenmura.comThis will open in a new tab.
*Bookings must be made at least three weeks prior to the planned tour.

Ama Town, Nishinoshima Town, Chibu Village


Oki Geopark Tour DeskOki Geopark Tour Desk

Oki Geopark Tour Desk

Expertise: Oki Geopark Tour Desk offers tours and activities that connect the visitor to the rich nature and culture of the Oki Islands. The company also provides fieldwork trips and lectures to schools on local natural resources.

Tour Types: sea kayaking, hiking, bus guide, camping.

Popular Routes: Shirashima Coast, Mt. Takata, Washigamine Ridge

TEL: +81-8512-6-2050

Website (Japanese, English): https://www.okigeopark.com/This will open in a new tab.

*Depending on the tour type an English-speaking guide might not be available. Make sure to confirm when booking.

Area: Okinoshima Town

Language: English