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New Promotion Video! Immerse in Nature on the Hidden Isles | Coexistence

New Promotion Video! Immerse in Nature on the Hidden Isles | Coexistence

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The deep connections that exist here between nature and the daily lives of people on the Oki Islands have inspired the theme of this video— “Coexistence”.

We would like to sincerely thank all who have been involved in creating this video! We hope that it conveys the spirit of the islands to our international friends and inspires more people to visit these “hidden isles”.

Located approximately 60 km north of the border between the prefectures of Shimane and Tottori (Japan), the Oki Islands encompass approximately 180 islands in total, including 4 inhabited islands.
The environment surrounding the Oki Islands, including marine life, fisheries, and diverse human activities, is recognized as the Oki Islands UNESCO Global Geopark.

The Oki Islands, with their rich history and culture, have many such traditions which have been passed down through generations. Uniquely Oki, the traditions and culture of the islands have been preserved and inherited by the islanders with pride. There are more than 100—big and small—shrines and temples here with numerous hyperlocal festivals organized throughout the year.

*About Renge-e-mai Dances which appear throughout the video:
Held every year on 21 April at Oki Kokubun-ji Temple, these traditional dances are designated as an Intangible Folk Cultural Property of Japan. Renge-e-mai Dances are a collection of Buddhist dances (seven are performed nowadays) and each dance tells a story. Dancers are dressed in colourful costumes and the masks they wear are believed to have South East Asian roots.

Shooting locations are below:
Oki Kokubun-ji Temple and Renge-e-mai Dance Performance, Okinoshima Town
Hotel Entô and Geo Lounge, Ama Town
Tamawakasu-mikoto Shrine and Oki-ke Traditional Residence, Okinoshima Town
Fishing Port, Okinoshima Town
Chichi-sugi Japanese Cedar, Okinoshima Town
Shinyashiki, Okinoshima Town
Kyomiya Bunten, Okinoshima Town
Dōzen Caldera seen from Mt. Akahage, Chibu Village
Akao Lookout, Nishinoshima Town
Fabric Dyeing at Takuhi-gama Kiln, Nishinoshima Town
Chez SAWA, Chibu Village
Mt. Akahage, Chibu Village
Matengai Cliff, Nishinoshima Town
Sekiheki (Red Cliff), Chibu Village
Tsūtenkyō Arch, Nishinoshima Town
Takuhi Shrine, Nishinoshima Town
Tajimaya, Ama Town
Tsubame Traditional Residence, Okinoshima Town
Sunrise Coffee, Okinoshima Town
Akiya Coast, Ama Town
Sea Kayaking, Nishinoshima Town and Okinoshima Town
Cycling, Chibu Village
Hiking, Okinoshima Town

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